Posted by: glenouvelles | August 31, 2009

D-Frosh Training!!!

With Frosh week quickly approaching, our Frosh Coordinatiors and D-Frosh have been busy pulling together the finishing touches of what will be an amazing week.  Notre semaine d’orientation commence samedi le 5 septembre, mais il y a encore beaucoup à faire pour préparer!  With only 4 days left to go, there is still plenty of preparation left to do, so we will continue to keep ourselves busy.  Merci à ceux et celles qui sont venus aujourd’hui!  We started off our busy day today with ice breakers and cheers, followed by Frosh kit stuffing (which went impressively well, an excellent indication of what this year’s Frosh week is going to be like), and ending with quality family time and construction.  Voici quelques photos de jour #1…Here are some pictures of training day #1…

Stuffing Frosh kits!

Stuffing Frosh kits!

Frosh kits

Frosh kits

Great teamwork!

Great teamwork!

Carman Windrim



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