Posted by: glenouvelles | July 24, 2010

Meet GCSU’s new student council 2010-2011

Le nouveau conseil d’étudiant 2010-2011

President: Oscar Mera-Burbano
Vice-President Social: Marybeth Woodall
Vice-President Operations: Jameela Pereira
Vice-President External: Nadine Tkatchevskaia
Vice-President Communications: Mariam Arakelian
Vice-President Finance: Michael Turner
Vice-President Biligual : Meliane Etien
Vice-President Clubs: Tamre Deru
Senator: Jaclyn Volkhammer
Senator: Steffen Hem
Councillor: Cherise Trotman
Councillor: Julien Cossette
Councillor: Andree Paulin
Councillor: Sadaf Kachalia
Councillor: Varshni Skantharajah
Councillor: Angela Meco
Councillor: Daniel Karpiuk
Councillor: Holly Burkoski
First Year Representative: Jayson Henry
First Year Representative: Sarah Byrnes

Wishing you all a great summer! Au revoir!


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